Friday, 1 February 2013

Wrist warmers from Let's Backtrack!

A few months ago (sorry for taking so long!) I won a giveaway from Let's Backtrack on Lazy Explorers' blog! The prize were these lovely mustard wrist warmers:

At that time I was about to move from Mallorca to London and I gave her my address in Spain hoping the wrist warmers would arrive in time before I left. But something strange happened, and Hannah (Let's Backtrack) didn't receive my email, so she was waiting for me to send her the address, and I thought she already had it and I was waiting for the wristwarmers to arrive... So a few days before leaving Mallorca I asked her when she'd sent them and we found out what had happened! So then she sent them to my address in England and when I arrived at my new house I found an amazing package!

Hannah was very sorry she hadn't received my email so she had also sent me some brown wrist warmers AND a little purse! She is so nice!

These are the brown wrist warmers:

They are very well knitted and I love the braid pattern, and also the bits of colour! At the moment I can't wear them in the street because the weather is very cold, but I do put them on inside the house, because I always have cold hands in winter!

And this is the purse! It's perfectly made, and very pretty!

So, if you want to buy great quality products, visit Let's Backtrack
And again, thank you very much Hannah! :) and thank you to Chloe too from Lazy Explorers!

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  1. Fantastic photos! You are so sweet, I'm glad you are enjoying your wristwarmers :o) Take care!